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The night is quiet on 37th street. The heavy steel doors on Cafe China guard their secrets in coats of dark rust. Inside, strange things are happening. The financial crisis of 2008 hasn’t occurred. We are not fighting the war in Afghanistan, or Iraq, or Vietnam, or Korea. In fact, World War II is yet to hit the newspapers. It’s the era of new opportunities, of romance, of indulgence. It’s the 1930’s. Exciting new art is happening in Paris, London, New York. Talking film is all the rage. Over there, the great Greta Garbo is sipping a Manhattan while resting comfortably amongst her throng of admirers. But wait, this is not New York. The intricate patterns on the panel screens are clearly oriental. The food is exquisite, a definitive interpretation of fine Chinese cuisine. This is Shanghai. It is the place where the East is embracing the West for the first time. The result is exotic, of course, but also elegant and fascinating. Spend the night here, and let the imagination run wild.

Everything is imaginary… and real.


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Award Winning,Casual Dining,Dinner,Functions

Medium - $11 - $35




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